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Pulley Lagging

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Conveyor Belt when slips causes significant damage to the drive pulley and the belt. Such damages are not only expensive to repair, but also time consuming and cause enormous loss due to down time.

The life span of a conveyor system primarily devepnds on its being suitably equipped for the specific application and the standard of servicing and maintenance. The conveyor systems often have to perform in the most difficult conditions. For example rain and sludge, which cause slippage between the conveyor belt and pulleys because of the friction co-efficient between the two going down very low.

Pulley Laggings, with specially developed rubber materials and their patterned surfaces have proved to be very effective in water shedding, preventing material build up and controlling belt slippage.

Patterned Sheet Pulley Lagging:
We offer a comprehensive range of Patterned Sheet Pulley Laggings to suit every conceivable conveyor installation. The Pulley Laggings offered by us are produced in different thicknesses, rubber qualities and patterns to ensure selection of the most appropriate type, to suit all application requirements.

Range & Profile Dimensions:

Patterned sheet pulley lagging types


Diamond Profile


Small Diamond

Mini Diamond Square Profile
Diagonal length (mm)


82 47 47 34 28
Diagonal length (mm)


48 27 27 17 28
Gap between the profiles (mm)


11 6 6 6 4.5
Depth of Profile (mm)


8 4.8 4 2.5 3
Minimum Thickness (mm)


12 8 8 6.5 8
Product Width (mm) 1500 1500 1000
1500 2000
Finish on Face Plain Plain Fabric Finish
Finish on the Bonding side Within Bonding Layer (Adhesive / Tie Gum Layer)
Without Bonding Laver - Smooth or with Grinding
Standard Roll Length (Metres) 10* 10* 10 10* 10*
* length upto 50 mtr can be supplied on request

Special Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Minimum wastage and economically priced
  • Reduced adhesive use due to Bonding Layer Shorter lead times
  • Maintains friction grip under unfavourable drive conditions
  • Increased friction coefficient between the pulley and conveyor belt
  • Extremely helpful while running in wet conditions
  • Prevents dirt build up in pulleys

Patterned Strip Pulley Lagging:
Diamond Profile and Plain pattern Pulley Lagging Strips have been specially developed for covering of conveyor pulleys and to prevent material build up, belt slippage and wear of the steel shelves of pulleys.

These easy to use Lagging Strips can be fitted to the Pulleys with the help of cold bonding adhesives in the workshop or at the conveyor site itsef.

Strip Lagging is available in a variety of designs, to suit the various application requirements. These are manufactured with 60 to 65 durometer rubber compound, having an excellent abrasion resistance.

The Diamon pattern on the strips act like an automobile tyre, ensuring that water is kept out of the contact with the belt. As a result it, creates a higher coefficient of friction, thereby preventing belt slippage.

Plain Pattern Lagging is an ideal solution for Pulleys, which operater in dirty places and is an excellent choice whereever material build up, belt/pulley wear is a common problem.

Strip Laggings are supplied with CN Bonding Layer or buffed back, as per customer requirements. Some of the benefits and features of our Strip Laggings are enumerated below.

Special Features:

  • Easy to fit
  • Minimises wastage
  • Outstanding wear and abrasion resistance
  • Reduced adhesive use
  • Reduced adhesive use
  • Reduced labour
  • Reduced down time
  • Minimises build-up on pulleys
  • Supplied in a 205 mm wide strip
  • Rolls of 10 to 90 metre strips
  • Diamond & Plain Pattern
  • CN Bonding Layer or with Buffed Back

Ceramic Pulley Lagging & Pads
The Ceragrip Ceramic Pulley Lagging design developed by us is suitable for a wide range of applications and pulley sizes. It can be easily adapted to and pulley width because of its unique tile design, which provides a greater amount of flexibility, faster and easy installation with possiblitiy of covering much smaller diametre pulley, when compared to normal ceramic pulley lagging material.

Because of its highly flexible and extremely abrasion resistant and self cleaning characteristics, the Ceragrip Pulley Lagging has lower operating with improved friction and stability. The Ceragrip Pulley Lagging offered by us comes in standard roll lengths of 10 metres and is suitable for use in any pulley face width with practically no wastage.

Ceramic Pads:
For application, subject to a very high amound of wear, high density aluminium oxide ceramic tiles have proven to be a excellent choice as a lining material.

Our Ceramic Pads are a very efficient lining material for vibraging screen applications and in the areas where coal, coke and Iron ore is being handled. The Ceramic Pads offered by us can also be used for lagging return rollers and as smooth pulley lagging.

Mode of Payment:
By T/T

Delivery Period:
Within 5-6 Weeks

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Patterned Sheet Pulley Lagging
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