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Special Purpose Belts

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The belts with the CLEAT are moulded integrally with Top Rubber Cover and consequences will withstand harsh treatment without seperation. Rubber CLEATS increases the capacity of Belt to elevate loose materials and permit steeper Angles of inclination without damaging the products. A wide choice of CLEAT LAYOUT can be made on the belt.

We exports various types of Special Purpose Rubber Conveyor Belts like Rough Top Belt, Full Width Cleat, Cleats with Additional Gaps, Cleats with Gap, Trutack Control Guide Cleat, Alternate Offset Cleats, Chevron Cleats, Side Walls Cleats, Hooper Belt, Pipe Belt.

Rough Top Belt :
Rough Top belt is designed for transporting light weight goods, either being inclined or being horizontal, also suitable for transporting fragile or deformed materials and packed goods, such as glass, papers, bags, boxes or cartons at angle from 15 to 35 degree.

Special features:

  • Available with bare back bottom cover, to give excellent grip to the conveyor belt. The bareback Rough Top belt makes less friction coefficient, suitable for running over table and flat panel.
  • Black cover for utility applications
  • Tan cover for non-marking applications such as packaged food.
  • The design of mesh-like pattern on the top surface cover can generate the relief effect, absorbing any vibrations and impacts exerted on the materials conveyed and simultaneously preventing the material from slip.
  • Provides excellent grip between belt top and packages, such as cartons, jute packages.

Construction and Properties:

  • 2 or 3-ply construction with cut edges and a carcass of synthetic EP fabric.
  • The surface texture resists the tendency for the material to roll back down the conveyor.
  • The black top cover is recommended for utility type incline service while the tan cover is suggested for transporting packaged food products where an odorless, nontoxic, non-marking belt is a necessity.
    Top cover is a full 1/8¡¨ thick SBR and the back is protected by either a durable friction surface bottom or a synthetic bareback for slider bed applications.

Full Width Cleat :
Cleats are hot vulcanized to the base belt for a bond the full width of the cleats, making them an integral part of the belt top cover. According to its operational requirement and lump size, the shape and pitch of the rubber cleat can adequately be made.

It is used in cattle (cows, etc.) feeding machines in agricultural business, mostly used in larger stables.

Chevron Cleats :
Chevron BElts are used for any purpose when handling bulk material. When using a flat belt the maximum angle of inclination is approx 15-20 degrees. By using a chevron belt this enables inclination of up to approx 40 degrees to be achieved.

Chevron cleats are hot vulcanised onto basebelts and manufacturedin a flexibleand wear resistant black rubber quality. In addition to our standard programme we can  offer special constructions as e.g. 2 rows of  chevron. All types of  cleats can be  fitted onto any EP conveyor belt.

Side Walls Cleats :
Our sidewall belts are available in heights of 40-400 mm. It is constructed according to the high demands of flexibility and elesticity around the pullies, as well as for consideration to return side support. Our sidewalls can also be delivered with fabric, which gives considerable stability and strength.

Hooper Belt :
This is a special purpose belt used in Fertiliser and Chemical Plants. The Belt is fitted with special type of Stainless Steel Eyelets.

Pipe Belt :
Pipe Lifter Belt is for Lifting heavy Pipes. The belt can be of 5/6/7 ply of Nylon / Polyester Fabric and is fitted with specially made Aluminium or Iron clamps and steel wire ropes

Special features:

  • Avoids pollution by preventing falling or spillage of Carried products.
  • Avoids damage to belt inner surface, as fallen objects do not attach to belt surface.
  • Prevents other substances from entering, assuring purity of products.
  • Reduces abrasion between the products and inner belt surface which increases when conveyor belts are in pipes, enabling greater transportation degree than other commonly used belts.
  • Suitable rigidity, flexibility, be keeping stable circle.
  • Good sealing at connection point, fatigue resistant, abrasion resistant, stable conveying.
  • Close conveying, no spillage, no dust.
  • Bending, steep angle, reverse conveying.
  • Application: Widely used in material conveying in mining, power, building material and chemical industry.

Mode of Payment:
By T/T

Delivery Period:
Within 5-6 Weeks

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