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Timing Pulley

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We exports Positive Drive Pulley (Timing Pulley) manufactured from quality materials. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous(Steel and Alluminium Alloys Material) and or as per customer's drawing.

The combination of economy, efficiency and superior performance is utilised for so many different way that the range of applications are virtually limitless.

Design Your Timing Pulley Drive
We will design Timing Pulley Drive according to your requrement, Click here to download form of Drive Details

Advantages of Positive Drive Belts:
Eliminates Slippage:
Positive grip of belt teeth with Pulley grooves eliminates slippage, speed variation. There is no initial stretch no elongation to requre belt take up because of high modulus tension member.

Less Bearing Load:
Since the Positive Drive Belt does not rely on friction, there is no need for high initial tension. Thus, overhung bearing loads are reduced to minimum. Motor bases and idlers are frequently eliminated.

Less Space:
Small Pulleys, short centers, narrow belts, high capacity all these inherent features can be combined to reduce space requirements. Center distance can be permanently established.

Constant Angular Velocity:
Speed is transmitted uniformly. There is no chordal rise and fall of pitch line as with roller chair, no belt creep or slippage- thus no chatter or vibration. As an example; Higher-quality machined and ground surfeces.

Smoother Running:
Because of advanced design, backlas- between the teeth of the stock belts and the grooves of stock pulleys is reduced to a negligivle minimu. Thus Positive Drive Belt Drives frequently outperform prevision gear drives.

Wide Range of Load Capabilities:
The load capabilities of Positive Drive Belt drives range from subfractional horesepower to 600 hp and up. Their torque loads range from thousands of foot-pounds down to light loads in inceh-ounces. The load capabilities of Positive Drive Belt Drives from subfractional horsepower to 600 hp and up. Their torque loads range from thousands of foot-pound down to light loads in inchounces.

Less Maintenance:
Maintenance costs can be reduced because absence of metal to metal contact eliminates the need for lubrications systems, oil retaining devices and their nuisance, cost, weight possibility of product contamination.

Less Noise:
Throughout the normal speed range of industrial and light duty drives, the noise level is relatively low an important consideration in many machine and equipment installations.

Less Weight:
The horsepower to weight ratio is highh and important consideration where weight is a critical factor, such as in aircraft and portable equipment. Pulleys can be made of light metals or nonmetallic materials.

These drives do not require motor bases, lubrications systems, tensioning devices, thus minimizing original and maintenance costs.

Mode of Payment:

By T/T

Delivery Period:
Within 5-6 Weeks

We will design Timing Pulley Drive According to your requrement, Click here to download form of Drive Details

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Timing Pulley
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